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Now that you know exactly what to download and where, it’s time to look at the top sites that offer a huge amount of Windows software. You might find that your next favorite piece of software is in the Microsoft software store, but you should know what you’re getting first.

Typically when it comes to Windows software, the Microsoft Store is your best option. This Windows software giant offers many commercial programs, allowing you to buy a program outright (usually) and install it on your PC for one easy payment. You can also try a game or a browser and then upgrade it at a later date, which is great when you realise it’s full of adware.

In addition to the Microsoft store, Windows 10 has its own site which offers just about everything you’d expect from any software shop. Unlike the Microsoft store, though, you can find lots of PC games and apps here without any further cost. Click the Pay What You Want button to browse and buy any app or game you want, and removeable apps (like Chrome or Office) can be downloaded to your device if you want.

There are countless of torrent sites where you can download games for cheap. No one will ever expect that. But, if you happen to be here, you need to find the game your looking for. Here we present you a list of the best and safest sites to download games. Why do we say that? Because we found that most of the torrents are just bunch of links. Torrent files are not exactly safe.


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