Best Remote Access Software Reviews of 2020

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Have you ever been in your office and realized the files you need are on your home computer? Maybe you’re working remotely or meeting a client, but need to access an app from your office PC.

With remote access software, you can view or access another computer from anywhere in the world. 

This functionality is extremely versatile. You might use it to log into a client’s computer and help them overcome technical questions. Or you can share your screen with colleagues as you run a demo on your device. You can also transfer files between two computers without having to go through email or file-sharing software—even from unattended devices. 

It’s a common misconception that remote access software is only for help desks, but these tools can be used by anyone. 

Which remote access software is the best? After researching and testing dozens of options, I’ve narrowed down my list to five that I can recommend with conviction. 

The Top 5 Options For Remote Access Software

  1. Parallels Access
  2. TeamViewer
  3. Remote Utilities
  4. Zoho Assist
  5. LogMeIn Pro

How to Choose the Best Remote Access Software For You

Finding the right remote access software can be tough if you don’t know what to look for. But there are certain feature sets and considerations that must be evaluated as you’re comparing different options.

I’ll break these factors down into greater detail…

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