When I first began my marketing career, I was envious of emails.

While this sounds like an interesting quirk, I’m pretty sure most marketers can agree: some emails are hard not to envy.

From sparkling campaigns to flawless design, sometimes I open a newsletter and I’m surprised at how brands segment me into a list that’s so accurate.

Email lists are an essential aspect of any marketing strategy since they enable marketers to target the right subscribers and grow leads.

An example of this would be segmenting blog subscribers and only sending specific blog posts to that list based on criteria you establish such as their interests or past purchases.

To personalize marketing emails and improve ROI, email list management is a crucial step in marketing efforts. It can help your team generate leads while simultaneously creating a more delightful and personalized customer experience.

Mailing List Software

Using mailing list software or other email management tools is an easy way to segment your audience, send targeted emails, and analyze email metrics that matter most to your team (CTR, subscriber count, etc.). Often, mailing list and email management tools provide robust insights and suggestions on how to…

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