A successful inbound marketing program requires the right blend of technology and strategy. A great strategy combined with subpar tools or poor strategy combined with great tools will generally yield dismal results. Yet, the right strategy, with the right tools, will almost guarantee success with inbound marketing.

We’ve hand selected 13 of our favorite inbound marketing, SEO and sales enablement tools ranging from paid foundational platforms to free niche chrome extensions all designed with a common purpose, to grow your website traffic, increase your lead conversions and help you gain more customers. 


1. SEMRush

Pricing: SEMRush pricing starts at $99.95 per month for their Pro version of subscription.  

Audience: Marketing and SEOs

SEMRush offers a treasure trove of information on keyword data: monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, average Cost per Click, position changes, your competitors positions and their paid advertising spend, keyword Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for various locations and historical time frames and much more.

Thorough keyword research is a necessary component for a successful inbound marketing program and SEMRush provides the largest and most accurate database of keyword data available.

Before you even think about creating an editorial calendar, spend the time in SEMRush to make sure you are targeting the right keywords for your business.  

What we love most:

  • Massive database of actionable keyword data
  • Daily project reports…

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