Best HR Outsourcing Service Reviews of 2020

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HR is confusing. And the legal ramifications of doing something wrong… are huge. 

There’s a reason people spend their entire lives learning the ins and outs of human resources—there’s a lot to it. But the good news is that nobody expects you to know it all and you don’t have to navigate it alone. 

The best HR outsourcing services exist to make your life easier.

However, there are a ton of service providers on the market. How do you decide which one’s right for you when they all appear to be exactly the same?

To help answer that question, I looked at countless options and narrowed it down to my top six recommendations. And by the end of this guide, you’ll know everything you need to know to make the right choice for your business. 

The top 6 options for HR outsourcing services:

  1. G&A Partners – best for customization and flexibility
  2. Bambee – best for policies and administrative tasks
  3. Paychex – best HR outsourcing services for SMBs
  4. Insperity – best PEO outsourcing for enterprises
  5. ADP – best full-service non-PEO outsourcing option
  6. CPEhr – best for individual HR outsourcing and consultations

How to choose the best HR outsourcing service for you

There are countless different HR outsourcing services to choose from. 

And distinguishing between all of them can feel like an impossible task. 

So, before we dive into my top…

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