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Managing your staff’s hours and shifts are both crucial to the success of your organization. The costs associated with scheduling issues can add up quickly.

Without the right tools, you could have too many workers on the clock at once or worse—not enough to meet demands.

Employee scheduling software makes everyone’s lives easier. It goes beyond just managing the daily and weekly schedules. There are options for your employees to request time off or shift changes that can be approved or denied in real-time.

Some software even has chat and employee messaging built-in.

Whether you have a startup, small business, or enterprise-level chain, the right scheduling software can streamline your HR efficiencies. I created this guide to help you find the best one for your organization.

The 9 Best Employee Scheduling Software of 2020

What’s the best employee scheduling software? After extensive research, I’ve narrowed down the list to nine options for you to consider.

  • Homebase — Best overall employee scheduling software.
  • Humanity — Best for shift trading and filling openings in real-time.
  • TSheets — Best for time-tracking and accounting integration.
  • 7shifts — Best employee scheduling software for restaurants.
  • Paycor Scheduling — Customized solutions for employee scheduling software.
  • When I Work — Best free employee scheduling software.
  • Deputy — Best for…

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