Best Contact Management Software Reviews of 2021

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When you’re trying to make the sale, you want to be as tactful as possible. You want to talk to your customer at the exact time they want what you’re selling. This means going beyond storing their basic contact information and tracking points of contact, rebuttals, and previous sales deals.  

That’s where contact management software can be one of your most valuable sales sidekicks. It helps you streamline your sales process so that you can close sales faster, keep your most valuable customers, and grow your business.

But how do you find the right contact manager to integrate into your sales system? Well, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. In this extensive guide, I review five of the top contact management tools on the market and walk you through the best features as well as their price points. Let’s get started. 

The Top 5 Options For The Best Contact Management Software

  1. Salesforce – Best scalable CMS
  2. Hubspot – Best free CMS
  3. Zoho – Best for simple contact management
  4. Pipedrive – Best for visual contact management
  5. Zendesk – Best for reporting and analytics

How to Choose The Best Contact Management Software For You

Choosing the best contact management software goes beyond making sure they provide the standard CMS tools scoping anywhere from sales tracking, keeping customer notes, emails, and sales history. Your business is…

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