As the use of programming languages continues to increase in digital marketing, APIs are powerful tools for technical insight and growth.

Python and Javascript are two of the most popular and there has been a rise in their use in areas such as:

I will look at the best APIs that SEOs and PPC professionals can use to improve performance for their campaigns.

What is an API

API stands for Application Programming Interface and it’s a set of functions and procedures that applications can access to complete certain tasks.

Imagine you’re sitting at home and log into Amazon. They hold the items you need and arrange your order. The missing link is placing your order and Amazon delivering it to you. You place your order on the website and the Amazon Web Services API acts as a messenger, telling the ordering system what has been bought and where it needs to go. Then a courier delivers the item(s) to you.

Benefits of using an API

Without APIs, businesses would need to create the functions they need from scratch and then create the applications to use them. By using third-party services, it can save time and resources. 

Some of the biggest benefits of APIs are:

  • Automation: APIs give you the ability to automate your work without having to tinker with the source. For example, Google Ads API lets you automate your account management.
  • Scope: There’s a specific use case for scopes within authorisation but from a wider perspective, APIs allow you to create better more personalised UX for your…

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