Battlefield Bad Company 2 Crack Mouse Fix

Feb 28, 2019
Is this the only problem you are having?
Feb 28, 2019
maybe you are changing the settings in the wrong menus… I’m having trouble with that myself, I’ll see if I can’t get it figured out though, thanks for the help!
yeah, it’s just… keeping it running as smooth as possible, but no amount of tweaking seems to help.
Battlefield 2 – Mouse lag (not mouse accelaration)
Aug 7, 2015
Just leave the sensitivity at 0 and it should work fine.

County Hospital surgeons to hold awards luncheon

Posted: Friday, October 5, 2002

By DeAndra McBride

A celebration of excellence will be held at the Palmer Hospital for Children on Wednesday, Oct. 9. The event is to recognize the achievements of the surgeons at the hospital.

“We had a surgeons’ awards banquet last spring and we decided we’d like to do something a little more specialized to recognize what we do best in surgery – hands on,” said Ronald Richards, chief of surgery. “We feel the surgeons are the primary care team, providing quality patient care in a highly variable and complex environment, and we would like to recognize them for what they do well.”

Dr. Richards said the idea is to give the recognition for surgeons’ efforts in teaching residents and medical students as well as for the surgeons’ continued efforts to improve the quality of their services.

Dr. Gary Hockin, medical director of the surgery department, will present awards to the three surgeons on the floor. The surgeons must have completed fellowship training in pediatric surgery, be board-certified or have significant in-training experience, and have been working at Palmer Hospital for at least one year.

Dr. Hockin said it’s important for the surgeon’s staff to encourage them and support them when they have trouble with surgery.

“In surgery there is an interesting phenomena of surgeons taking on the role of patients sometimes. To give that recognition, you need to have the patient’s support,” he said. “We do something right here in surgery, and it may not make it in your first piece of research.”

Another award will be given for excellence in teaching, honor the surgeon who has the most residents, residents and medical students in training attending and resident seminars in the last year.

Dr. Hockin said the surgeons who receive the awards will have the opportunity to give their fellow surgeons

battlefield bad company 2 mouse fix issues
battlefield bad company 2 mouse fix issues
battlefield bad company 2 mouse fix issues
battlefield bad company 2 mouse fix issues
battlefield bad company 2 mouse fix issues
battlefield bad company 2 mouse fix


I have the same problem. Changing the sensitivity did not work for me so I fixed it like this:

Game > Options > Controls > gamepad > Joystick / Mouse.
I have set the mouse sensitivity to “Max” since my mouse movement wasn’t that good.
Don’t forget to put the gamepad back in the other side of the list.

This should fix your problem.


It’s fixed! Do you have the following on your keyboard shortcuts in your “Keyboard/Mouse and Touchscreen Settings”:

[+]Run/Pause (Control): toggles running/pausing the game.
[+]Run/Pause (Toggle): toggles running/pausing the game.
[+]Next map (Control): toggles the next map.
[+]Next map (Toggle): toggles the next map.

I think the [Toggle] hotkey had something to do with it as well. You can toggle these by holding them down and pressing another key.

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