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BabelPix takes image files with embedded keywords and translates those files to foreign languages.
On the left is the BabelPix UI. You can see a preview of the file, you can choose to translate the file if it is in a language you know, and you can choose to translate the file if it is in a language you want to learn.
A file that has been translated to a foreign language has a ‘translated’ tab that shows a preview of the file in the translation language.
After choosing to translate the file to your language of choice, you can choose the direction you want to translate the keyword to/from. Translating a keyword to a language means that the file keywords will be translated to the new language. Translating a keyword from a language means that the file keywords will be converted into the local language for that file. If a language doesn’t have a complete translation set, you will get an error message informing you of that fact.
You can see the source and target languages on the top right of the UI.
You can find BabelPix on Google Code as well as packages for specific languages on BabelPix Website.
Download BabelPix from Google Code:
BabelPix Full Package
BabelPix Demo Package
BabelPix Registration Package
BabelPix Source Code
BabelPix Android App
BabelPix for Mac OS X
BabelPix for Linux
BabelPix for Windows
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BabelPix includes two components: The BabelPix library, and the BabelPix Web Interface.
The BabelPix library provides the basic functions used to translate image files through the BabblePix Web Interface. The Web Interface allows the user to upload and tag images in multiple languages, and translate those images to other languages of choice. It is intended for computer users to provide translations of images to a group of friends, business associates, etc.
BabelPix allows users to embed keywords to categorize their uploaded images. Keywords can be grouped into one of the following fields: Categories, Associated Authors, etc. The user can then select to translate a specific embedded keyword, or all keywords in a category.
Keywords supported (as of Oct. 9, 2006):
English language
Spanish language
German language
Italian language
Chinese language
Japanese language
Russian language
Other languages (please specify)
How BabelPix Translates Images
Keywords embedded in an image are set up to determine what language those keywords represent. BabelPix works by allowing the user to select a language from a drop-down menu, and then searching the image using the corresponding translation. BabelPix includes a large library of keywords, depending on the category of image.
Categories include: People, Places, Food, Common Objects, etc. BabelPix is configured to work with the keywords “People”, “Food”, “Places”, and “Common Objects” per the program’s default language settings.
The keyword “People” translates to: “Who is in the image?”, “Face(s) in image?”, “Person(s) in image?”, and “People in image.”
The keyword “Food” translates to: “What is in the image?” “What food is in the image?”, “Type of food in the image?”, and “Food in the image.”
The keyword “Places” translates to: “Where is in the image?”, “Where is the food in the image?”, “Places in the image?”, and “Places in the image.”
Keywords associated with the keywords above will translate into the language, according to the user’s configuration.
Example: The keyword “Apple” will translate to the language, and if “Food” is selected as the translation language, then “What is in the image?” will translate into Spanish as “¿Qué es en el imagen?” (“What is in the image?”).

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BabelPix was developed by Mark Munza as a Java applet, leveraging the common Java API classes. It includes an API of the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) protocol for storing data and communicating between the client and the server.
The data that is stored in the applet can be in several different formats:
– Email Address books.
– Books.
– Encyclopedias and dictionaries.
– French/Spanish/English phrase books.
– Address and directions for business and residential locations.
– Medical records.
– Media (music, videos, images, etc.).
– Personal or business notes.
– Personal or business address books.
– Personal or business blogs.
– Personal or business schedules.
– Photos.
– Presentations.
– Resumes.
– Recipes.
– Spreadsheets.
– Textbooks.
– Video or audio recordings.
– Video or audio recordings.
– Weather forecasts.
– Writing journals.
For any file that can be stored in an XML (Extensible Markup Language), BabelPix can be used to view the contents of files stored by Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Firefox (Mozilla) or Safari (Apple).
– Image support for.jpg,.tif and.png filetypes
– Store tags/properties in JSON data and read them from JSON
– Input keywords (search engine keywords) and translate them to foreign languages
– Translate files in multiple languages
– Interface to store JSON data in local files or on a webserver
– Import data from.csv,.txt, or database file types
– Support for title, caption, alt, keywords, web page, etc. descriptions
– Support for EXIF and IPTC metadata
– Customize the text in files and/or translate files to other languages
– Edit book content directly in the applet
– Create directories and subdirectories from the applet
– Sort books by title, author, rating, etc.
– Sort books by language, edition, filetype, or any customisable field.
– Access to multiple sections of a book
– Output to various media
– Book/media sharing through the Internet
– Share books through email, IM and/or the Web
– Share books to other users
– Share media to other users
– Export data to local files, local database or to an external webserver
BabelPix currently accepts

What’s New in the BabelPix?

BabelPix is an automated translator for multilingual image files. Using the software you can translate keywords embedded in your image files to foreign languages, saving you countless hours of work. With BabelPix installed on your PC, you can easily choose from any of the supported languages, and images will be translated into the language you choose.
Keywords are embedded in image file extensions to make it easy to automatically detect images by keyword. For instance, the keywords in a JPEG image file would be “product”, “image”, etc. BabelPix, using its language translation algorithm, converts these keywords to translated words for each image stored on your PC. The translated keyword-based search will allow you to search by keyword for all stored images.
BabelPix will accept any.jpg or.tif image file format that supports keywords. It can also accept.tiff,.jpg,.tif,.gif,.jpeg, and.png image files.

Critic Reviews

No English. Just when you think you’ve got the whole lot of BabelPix under control, you stumble over a new vocabulary…In the original British version BabelPix was called BabelText, which was quite a mouthful. In later English translations BabelPix became BabelText, which was terribly dull. But it worked. BabelText is a Windows-only application for people who don’t understand English at all. The… Read More

If you think that a multilingual application is a waste of money, well, you’re right…BabelPix’s main advantage is that it replaces the need for expensive workforce that has to manually translate countless.tif and.jpg files for editing and publishing. However, it has three major drawbacks: it’s Windows-only, it’s not free, and it’s ugly. If you’re one of those people that do not have enough time to work with image files… Read More

BabelPix is an efficient tool that does exactly what its title suggests. It translates keywords present in jpegs/tiffs into foreign languages. BabelPix is a Windows-only application with a fairly simple and easy-to-use interface. The only con, although there are several minor ones, is that it only translates English to Spanish. The program will manage to translate English to Chinese if needed, but doesn’t support any other… Read More

You don’t have to be a proficient English speaker to enjoy BabelPix; it’s intuitive enough that anyone

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
Internet connection
Android OS 4.0 or higher
Windows Phone OS 7.1 or higher
The game is available on the Android app store.
*Due to the upgrade of Android platform, sometimes users have trouble to install the game on their phones. To fix the problem, please check the following:
1) Make sure you have selected the correct region, for example Hong Kong (HK), Taiwan (TW), Japan (JP).