Salesforce Digital Engagement Tactics

Marketers’ Use of Digital Engagement Tactics
A new report from Salesforce shows that 9 in 10 marketing leaders believe that their digital engagement strategy has completely (48%) or somewhat (42%) changed since before the pandemic. Which tactics are they using? Social media (91%), digital ads (91%), digital content (88%), website and apps (86%), email (76%) and mobile (69%). MarketingCharts

The Hybrid Future: How B2B Events Are Evolving
Most marketers say hybrid B2B events, which incorporate both online and in-person elements, will become more common in the coming years, according to recent research from ON24. 79% of B2B marketers say hybrid events provide more data than purely in-person events. MarketingProfs

Publishers are much less worried about the coming cookie changes than brands and agencies
Several months of preparation for the coming cookie-pocalypse appear to have brought publishers some peace of mind. They have not had quite the same effect on brands and agencies, according to Digiday+ research. 85% of brands are worried about measurement, a view shared by just 49% of agencies and 40% of publishers, survey shows. Digiday

Instagram is Removing Swipe-Up Links for Stories, Replacing the Function with Link Stickers
As part of its ongoing effort to improve Stories interaction, Instagram is making a change to the way that external links are shared within Stories frames, with the current ‘Swipe up’ links to be removed from the process entirely, and replaced by its…

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