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AutoCAD, version 2017 is one of the leading 2D and 3D CAD design software applications and a favorite of designers, contractors and engineers in multiple industries.

AutoCAD is a parametric application which means that the designer can control every detail of the drawing. Although there is little skill involved in making an AutoCAD drawing, AutoCAD does have a steep learning curve.

Sketching in AutoCAD with 2D Tools

Sketching in AutoCAD is simple, but creating a comprehensive AutoCAD drawing from scratch requires significant knowledge. The process of creating a drawing usually involves a combination of:

Sketching using tools designed to sketch an idea; and

Saving the sketch, which may include editing the sketch to convert it into a design.

Sketching in AutoCAD has three primary components:

Sketching tools;

An intuitive drawing environment; and

A sketching workflow.

All three components contribute to a seamless workflow for creating and editing a design.

Sketching tools

Sketching tools are typically designed to help the user create an outline of a project. The drawing tools are typically integrated into the drawing environment.

Sketching tools are grouped into two categories, 2D tools and 3D tools.

2D tools

Sketching tools for 2D drawings are commonly grouped into two categories:

Facial tools

Doors, windows, walls, floors, and roofs are all considered as facial features. Facial tools enable the designer to create sketch walls and doors.

Grid lines

Grid lines enable the user to create a baseline, grid, or base line for the design. Grid lines help the designer accurately determine the spacing of the design.

Rectangle, circle, ellipse, and polyline tools

Rectangles, circles, and ellipses are among the most used sketching tools. The polyline tool is a versatile method for creating geometric shapes and joining multiple line segments.


The ruler is a useful tool for establishing the length of a line segment.


The camera tool enables the user to draw line segments at specific angles.

Straighten and rotate tools

The straighten and rotate tools enable the user to rotate the drawing or view so that a sketch can be drawn or viewed with a specific perspective.


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Creating CAD files
When an AutoCAD Serial Key drawing is created, the information is collected from the user in the form of commands, which are coded in Visual LISP, a dialect of LISP, using the command language. Visual LISP is a programming language and command language for managing AutoCAD objects. It runs on the mainframe (mainframe Lisp) in addition to its use on the desktop operating system.

Using the user interface, it is possible to define custom toolbars, modify object properties, and to add special graphics to the user interface. As well as working as a simple application, AutoCAD can be configured to allow communication with other systems through means such as Visual LISP, XML, and Intergraph BEx.

The command line of AutoCAD allows system scripting, for writing automation, customizing, and other purposes.

A key part of AutoCAD’s automation is the command language called Autodesk Command Language or ACAD (A). It is an internal programming language for use within AutoCAD and in third-party applications that work with the DWG and DXF file formats. ACAD can be used by third-party applications to create add-ons.

Users can also modify AutoCAD’s user interface in Visual LISP.

AutoCAD also has a lot of APIs and tools for customization and automation. This includes AutoLISP, Visual LISP, VBA,.NET and ObjectARX. ObjectARX is a C++ class library, which was also the base for:

AutoCAD includes a wide range of plug-ins for automation and customization. These include:
AutoLISP: LISP programming language and API integrated into the AutoCAD user interface.
VBA: Visual Basic for Applications.
.NET: Allows programming applications with VB.NET.
API: Development tools and tools for extending AutoCAD functionality, usually with C++.

Other unique features in AutoCAD are:
Tools for creation of clip art and managing color
Tools for importing and exporting data, in particular in the form of shapefiles
Text Object
Trapezium tools
Dynamic Input Manager (an update to the Input Manager, which allows the user to create connections between objects in an AutoCAD drawing)

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What’s New In?

With Markup Assistant, you can help designers coordinate and capture changes between departments. Designers can create a designer task and attach both direct and indirect changes to the task. Then they can use Markup Assistant to collaborate with others on a drawing by exporting the task as a PDF and emailing it to colleagues.

For more information, see New Features and a list of updates for AutoCAD 2023.

CAMT Projection Control:

Introducing CAMT Projection Control, a major new feature for AutoCAD that streamlines 2D and 3D projection. Traditional projection uses constraints to describe how objects are placed on the paper surface of a 2D drawing and then scales and rotates them to fit the 2D surface and control the appearance of the 3D model. CAMT Projection Control improves this process by automating the process of setting up projection constraints. It allows you to express your projection constraints using a graphical user interface, which can also work with legacy CAMT.

Improvements to Projection :

Improvements to the Control Points and Lines feature (relative to legacy CAMT).

Line Changes:

Enable AutoReplace to display the most recent changes in a drawing. (video: 3:30 min.)

Control Points:

A new visibility setting allows you to automatically remove control points that are no longer visible in the current view.

Direct Selection:

A new direct selection process helps you quickly select 3D model surfaces to obtain the best results in 2D rendering.

2D Edges:

It is now possible to have a 2D edge appear along the outside of the 3D object you create.

2D Text:

Improvements to the orientation setting to help you align text.

The full list of AutoCAD 2023 updates includes a wide range of new features and improvements to existing features. You can download a list of all of the Autodesk 2016 and Autodesk 2020 updates from the Help & Support page. You can also find the list of AutoCAD 2023 updates on Autodesk Knowledge Network, in the AutoCAD 2023 product documentation, and on this web site.

Like all new releases, AutoCAD 2023 introduces numerous bug fixes and feature enhancements to ensure you get the most recent and stable version of the software. The full release notes for the AutoCAD 2023 update are available in the Auto

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

– A nice 64-bit gaming machine.
– Quad Core Processor, i7 or above.
– 4GB RAM or higher.
– 2GB HD space or more.
– DirectX 11 compatible graphics card with 1GB or higher.
– Software Settings:
– “LuxVue” Rendering Mode.
– Native Mode Rendering Quality.
– Memory Level.
– Background Update.
– Display Resolution.