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A. Mertens$^1$ and S. M. Rosen$^{2}$[^1]\
$^1$Dipl.-Phys. for Particle Physics, Universität Dortmund, 44221 Dortmund, Germany\
$^2$Theory Group, Jefferson Laboratory, Newport News, VA 23606, USA
title: |
How to Get $0.5$ GeV/$c^2$ Widths\
from 0.1 GeV/$c^2$ Widths\
via Orbital-Dependent Meson Decay?




A simple relation between the $0.5$ GeV/$c^2$ widths of S-wave mesons and P-wave mesons is shown, resulting from a decay mechanism of the latter into S-wave mesons. The pertinent decay constants and quark model predictions are also compared and discussed. We shall illustrate the method by means of the widths of the baryons $N$, $\Delta$, $\Sigma^*$ and $\Lambda^*$.

PACS: 13.30.-a, 14.20.Gk, 14.40.Cs

Keywords: [mesons, quantum chromodynamics, wave functions, lifetimes]{}


The widths of mesons are known to fall off at the rate of $\Gamma^2\sim E^2$ [@Close]. This result, based

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