We’re SEO’s we’re supposed to get links, more links, with more domain authority, right? Do we ever stop and ask ourselves why?

What happens when those clients compare link value to other channels asking for budget, PPC doesn’t pitch clients in terms of quality scores, they pitch in terms of revenue, CRO pitches not for conversion rates, but for business impact those conversion rates should lead to.

The idea of getting more links, has always led me into this whirlwind, of how many is the right amount (often asked by clients)? How do I value a link compared to other areas I could invest in?

Great questions, and fair ones to boot to be asked by any client. I never had a concise answer, it was always about Google needs links, that are high quality, domain authority, sitewides, etc etc etc. As I realized this, I reminded myself every client gets $$$, so I had to pivot from getting links for the sake of getting links and more into a business metric the client would actually care about.

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