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Paid media has a ton of strengths, but measuring user/customer sentiment hasn’t historically been one of them. That said, running a series of focus groups to review your brand, product, or service isn’t always the quickest way to receive feedback.

That’s where a Facebook Brand Lift Study comes in to play. A Brand Lift Study allows companies or advertisers to launch a campaign that specifically measures sentiment. In this post, we’ll explain how it works and how to get started.

How It Works

  • Your audience is split into two groups: a control and a test group.
  • The test group will be exposed to your ad, while the control group will not; the test runs for a minimum of 14 days and costs $30,000.
  • Over the course of the campaign, actions like completing a poll/survey or making a conversion will be recorded.

  • At the end of the test, you’ll be able to review both groups to calculate brand lift with your product/service. All actions will be presented in the final report.
  • Brand Lift Study Eligibility can be determined with your Facebook account rep. If you don’t have one of those, click here.

Best Practices

  • Ads should communicate the value of your product/service. For video assets, make sure to put your brand up front, and make sure the message you want to convey works with the sound off.
  • Define objectives and goals for your BLS campaign.
  • Do not run other campaigns while running the brand test, as…

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