Are We Experiencing a Local Algorithm Update? [Local RankFlux Data - February 2021]

On February 24-25, our local algorithm monitoring tool, Local RankFlux, showed some turbulence – suggesting that there may be changes being made to the local algorithm. 

For those of you not so familiar with Local RankFlux, every day, we track around 14,000 keywords from a set of locations in the US, and compare these to the previous day to provide a daily score showing how much has changed in local rankings.

Different ranking positions carry different weights – with movement in the top-ranking positions counting more towards the overall score than those ranking at the bottom of the top 20. You can learn more about how Local RankFlux works here, or sign up for regular emails to be alerted of possible local algorithm updates. 

On a ‘normal’ day, we tend to see the overall score ranging from 2.0-2.8. In fact, since some above-average flux in November, daily scores have been closer to 2.0, which makes any unusual change even more noticeable.

The average daily Local RankFlux score for the month January 24 – February 23rd was 2.14. Last week, scores jumped to 3.44 on Wednesday, and 3.79 on Thursday – a 61% increase in daily flux for the Wednesday compared to the monthly average, and 77% up for the Thursday. 

And when you drill down into the individual scores per industry, some niches saw even more change than usual – with car dealerships being particularly notable, climbing from a norm of 2.2-2.6 in the previous month to 5.27 on the 25th – around double…

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