Are Affiliate Publishers in for a Bumpy Ride?

Google caused a stir in the affiliate sector with its April algorithm update. The latest update promised better rankings in Google searches for websites with product reviews and product testing that include unique and useful expert content, while affiliate sites focusing only on clicks and commissions rather than providing the user with added value would be downgraded. So far, the update has only been rolled out for English-language Google search where some major changes have already been seen.

What do I need to know about the Google Product Reviews April update?

What changed? This Google update was aimed mainly at product review and product testing websites with an aim to push high-quality and expert content in this category up the rankings. Since the purpose of product reviews and testing is to encourage users to buy, this is a sensitive area that has come increasingly under the scrutiny of Google’s E-A-T guidelines – Expertise, Authority, Trust – Google’s three core elements for website ranking.

Which sites have been affected? The update was essentially an attempt by Google to ensure only high-quality affiliate sites have a chance of reaching the top rankings. In other words, sites that mainly exist to serve Amazon & co. but offer no real added value will not rank as well in the search results.

When did the rollout take place? Google normally announces the most important updates to search algorithms in advance – a strategy it has used for its core updates…

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