Published: April 26, 2021

Author: Natalie Aller

With the official public release of iOS 14.5 this week, Apple is taking a big step forward as it relates to privacy and consumer data. The company, which has previously stated that privacy is a fundamental human right, is now proactively offering users the option to reject the Identifier for Advertisers (more commonly known by its acronym IDFA) going forward. This means that iOS apps are now required to ask users for their permission to collect and distribute their data – similar to how iOS 13 gave users pop-up notifications on how apps track their location. IDFA has been used extensively over the last several years to identify consumers on their personal devices and track the effectiveness of the ads that brands are serving them.

With this move, Apple joins major ad industry players like Google in the push to offer more protection and privacy to consumers when it comes to how their personal data is used. Historically, Apple device users have been able to disable tracking and measurement on iOS products. However, the option to do so was hidden deep within the setting menu and is rarely top of mind for the majority of consumers. This shift by Apple changes that, and will now present the choice front and center for users when they download a new app or reopen an existing one.

So What?

We at 3Q Digital anticipate that this move will have a major impact across the advertising industry. Right now, opt-out rates are hovering around…

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