Analyze up to 100 000 keywords with a new Keywords batch analysis and get SEO and backlink metrics for domains analysis at Serpstat
In what tasks are batch analyses useful:

1. Analyze semantics with Keywords batch analysis. Add a ready-made list of keywords, compare them, and select the best keywords by several indicators for optimization.

2. When launching an ad, are you unsure about the effectiveness of keywords? First, add multiple regions to the project for analysis, and compare metrics. Then, run ads for the region using the most popular phrases.

3. Find out if competitors are using drops to get a ready-made link profile. Add the list of domains to Domains batch analysis and check the Redirecting links column.

4. Do you have any doubts about the sites for placing links? Unload competitors’ sites or your options, and select the sites with the best metrics.

5. Does your site have subdomains? Upload the list to Batch analysis and check SEO analytics and link mass metrics in one report.

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