Picture this: it’s the beginning of the month, you have a million different reports you need to compile for a million different accounts, and you’re short on time. Sound familiar? Okay so maybe you actually only need to pull a handful of reports. Well, today, I’ll walk you through the nifty feature that is Custom Reporting in Facebook Ads, and how you can use this tool to create better reports to deliver to your clients.

Facebook Ads has recently made some updates to their API, so I’ll first show you how to navigate to the reporting section in case you’re unaware. If you log into Facebook Ads Manager and then click the top left icon to open your menu, you’ll see a variety of options pop up.

If you click on the expand menu button and scroll down to the Analyze and Report section, you’ll find Ads Reporting as the first option. Click it, and we’re in.

Tip: the more you use one of the items in the expanded menu, it’ll become a Shortcut in the mini menu to save you an extra step in the future.

Once you’re in the Ads Reporting interface, you can see all the custom reports that have been built out by you and your team, across all the accounts you manage. To create your own report, simply click “Create Report.”

Create a new report overview.

From here, you can select what breakdowns and metrics you’d like to include, as well as the date range for your data. Check as many or as little boxes as you’d like and your custom report will be built before your very eyes.

You can add a range of…

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