In their 2019 review, Twitter stated that on average their platform holds 139 million monetizable daily active users. Combine this with a 20% rise in engagement rate year on year and it’s a recipe for success in reaching your target audience.

If you want to utilize what Twitter can do for you and maximize your investment in the platform, read on.

Campaigns: Awareness, consideration, or conversion?

When you create a new campaign, you will be faced with three core objectives: Awareness, consideration, and conversion. Given that Twitter is identified as the #1 platform for discovery, generating awareness is their greatest strength so bear this in mind when planning your campaign.

Here are your options: 

  • Awareness
    • Reach: Show your tweets to users that match your targeted audience
  • Consideration:
    • Video Views: Encourages users to view your videos
    • Pre-roll views: Show your ads on premium content
    • Followers: Encourage users to follow your Twitter page
    • App installs: Download your app
    • Clicks: Direct users off Twitter 
    • Tweet engagements: Encourage users to interact with your tweets
  • Conversion
    • App Engagement: Encourage users to interact with your app

If your conversion action isn’t an app engagement, you can opt for ‘consideration – clicks’ to direct users to the page in which they can convert.

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