Learn how to run profitable and successful Pay-Per-Click campaigns on Amazon. We will teach you everything from the basics to how to setup your campaigns! [ ⬇OPEN FOR MORE ⬇ ]

Download the ACoS Calculator: http://media.sellics.com/ACoS-Calculator.xlsx

Amazon PPC Sponsored Product Academy: https://sellics.com/amazon-ppc-course-basics

Amazon PPC Manager – Automate your campaigns – https://sellics.com/amazon-sponsored-products-manager

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About Sellics:

Sellics is an All-in-One Tool designed to help Sellers and Vendors become successful and profitable on Amazon. Sellics will help you:

-Automate/Manage PPC (Sponsored Products) campaigns
-Provide you with in-depth and daily insight into profits and margins,
-Give you access to the best Keywords to optimize your listings
– Help manage product reviews & more!

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