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AdWords Quality Score is one of the most important aspects of your Google Adwords pay per click accounts. Wether you’re managing your PPC yourself or hiring a PPC Management Company, your Quality Score can single handedly account for the success or failure of your advertising efforts.

This Quality Score Tutorial, brought to you by the Adventure Media Group, A PPC Management Company based in New York will teach you everything you need to know about AdWords Quality Score. We explain all the key quality score factors so you can go on to manage your PPC campaigns like a real pro.

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Let’s just get an overview of what we’re going to eventually cover in much greater detail.

First, we’ll take a conceptual look at Quality score … what it really is and why it came to be in the first place. Second, we’ll take a closer look at how quality score actually works, what PPC Management is comprised of, and why it’s so important. We’ll then learn some very cool tips and tricks for diagnosing and identifying quality score issues in your account (and this part is especially helpful for large accounts). And finally we’ll learn exactly what you can do to fix low quality scores and make sure they continue to improve over time. At the very end, we’ll go over some popular quality score / PPC management company myths and rumors … and see which ones are actually true and which ones are total hogwash.

It may seem like a lot of material, but all the essential pay per click elements are really quite simple … and once you have a handle on your Quality Score, you and your account will be one very happy camper indeed. So, what is quality score as it relates to PPC Management anyway?

In order to understand what quality score is and how it came to be, it’s important to fist understand what Google is at its most fundamental level …

Google is a massive referral service. People come to Google looking for referrals. When people need to find something on the internet, they ask Google where they could find it.

If Google sent you to a website that offered powerpoint tips when you were searching for somewhere to buy power strips, you might not use Google as frequently in the future, and worse, you might even begin using another search Engine like Bing or Yahoo. It especially stands to reason then, that Google also cares a great deal about this same sort of relevancy when it comes to the ads they show their users. Ads that are shown above their organic search results. Ads that are the bread and butter of their business model, accounting for more than 97% of their total revenue. So AdWords Quality Score, stripped of any technical jargon, is Google’s way of ensuring that their customers have the same high quality referral experience with a paid ad as they do with an organic result. Let us know if you ever need PPC Management services.

Let’s look at an example auction. Let’s say Brad, Ben and Bret all run online shops that specialize in custom tailored mens briefs.

Each of them tell google to show their ads when someone searches for “bespoke mens briefs”. Brad sets his max CPC for that keyword at $3, Ben sets his max CPC at $2, and Bret is only willing to pay $1.50 per click for that specific keyword. So back in the early days, Brad would win the top ad slot, or position1, since he had the highest max bid, Ben would take the second spot, and Bret would take the third spot. Not to confuse matters that are no longer relevant, but Click through rate did in fact play a role in the ad rank calculation before quality score was introduced. Actual ad rank took into account a keywords click through rate since a keyword with a very high bid and no clicks was not only obviously not relevant to users, but it was also not making Google any money …. no matter how much an advertiser was willing to pay for a click. What’s important to know now is that before quality score came along, the highest ad rank was essentially awarded to the highest bidder. But once Quality score was introduced, everything changed … and things got a whole lot trickier.