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Is Your Google AdWords Account Suspended? Here’s how to get Unsuspended –

“Your Google AdWords account has been suspended for violation of Google’s Advertising Policies in this or a related account”

Have you seen this message with a red bar inside your Google AdWords account?

If you have, there’s a good chance your Google AdWords account may have been flagged by the AdWords policy team and your AdWords account may have been permanently suspended by Google.

If you are one of the unfortunate PPC advertisers that has been banned by Google AdWords because your “Google AdWords account does not comply with their Term of Service and Advertising Policies”, this doesn’t mean you need to give up entirely on Google AdWords. Surprisingly, there is still hope that your AdWords account suspension can be lifted and you can still reverse the ban and get your Google AdWords account reinstated.

Since 2009, our company (PPC Renegade) has helped countless advertisers who were suspended by Google for many different reasons get unsuspended and have their AdWords accounts reinstated so they can begin receiving traffic again from Google.

Some violations are egregious violations such as “Get rich quick” schemes, sites that spread malware, sites that steal users’ personal information, and selling counterfeit goods.

Other violations are not as severe such as advertising policies violations, landing page and site policies violations, and malware violations.

There are also other violations that come up quite often as well which are related to billing information and billing issues.

So depending on what caused the suspension, there are several things you can do to try to get your AdWords account suspension lifted even if Google may have told you that your account has been permanently suspended. We’ve found over the years that the Google AdWords policy team is willing to work with you if you can properly fix the violations.

If you receive an e-mail with a notification of a policy violation or an account suspension, the #1 thing we’ve seen advertisers do is ignore these e-mail messages and notifications. That’s one of the worst things you can do. If you consistently ignore the warning messages and don’t fix your violations, that is one of the fastest ways to get your AdWords account suspended.

If Google sees that you are a ppc advertiser that repeatedly violates their policies which includes trying to open multiple accounts in order to work around Google’s policies, they will instantly suspend all account and any new accounts you try to open in the future.

It’s the repeat offenders, and Google AdWords advertisers who try to trick Google by putting in billing information that can not be verified, or if you have an unpaid balance that you do not intend to pay, this can lead to certain situations where you may be permanently banned by Google and blacklisted from ever being able to advertiser on their AdWords network ever again.

We’ve had a few cases like this in the past as well, and that’s why our success rate is only at 89%. About 1 out of every 10 suspended advertisers that come to us for help might be in this category. And no matter what we do to change your website and fix your violations, Google just does not feel comfortable enough to take a chance to allow you to advertise on their AdWords network because you have been flagged as a ‘High Risk’ advertiser that could be detrimental to their Google image, their Google brand, and their Google searchers.

So one of the first things we do for banned AdWords account advertisers that come to us for help is to check with Google to see if you are blacklisted, or if there is a possibility Google will let you back on AdWords if we can fix the violations in your account or on your website.

Once Google has told us that you can advertise on Google if you fix the policy violations and we confirm that you are not blacklisted by Google, that’s when the work begins.

Because we have worked with almost every business model, niche, and industry you can think of on Google AdWords, we have a very good understanding of what Google likes and what they don’t like. And that’s where our service shines.

We can tell you exactly what needs to be changed or fixed in order to get approved by Google in a much shorter time than what most people can do trying to figure it out on their own.

Many advertisers spend weeks and sometimes even months trying to figure out what Google wants from their business model or niche. And because the Google’s guidelines are so generic on their site, it can be a challenge to figure out how the policies apply specifically to your business and your website.