Free ads are a powerful tool for promoting your business. You can post free ads about everything that can generate income – starting with properties for sale, continuing with children's and baby items, finishing with recording and rehearsal studios. But as every single thing in the world, classifieds have both positives and negatives sights.

Advantages of free ads:

  • Free of cost – Free online classifieds provide the real chance for you to promote your business and this is very favorable for your tight budget.
  • Targeting the market – Generally, they are arranged into categories that in their turn are made up of subcategories. For example a category could be Home and Garden which is sectioned into: Footwear, Luggage, Men's clothes and accessories, Watches and Jewelery, Cats, Dogs etc. This structure helps people find easier the specific product or service that they are looking for.
  • Easy to write – They do not need so much time to be created, as a novel for instance, in fact around 20 minutes. All that matters are the words encrusted in the brilliance of your free classified ad; create an impressive headline and a captivating body.
  • Photos – You can attach an intriguing photo next to your posts. It's well-known that a picture is worth a thousand words therefore free ads' impact is intensified through this charming option.
  • Easy to keep track – Most of the free ads sites show you some statistics over the performance of your post. This way you can analyze the correlation between your offer and the number of visits and purchasing.
  • Competition – You can be the leader among your competitors by posting great free ads. Many of your real life competitors think free online classifieds are a waste of time, that's why you should get more advertising to your goods and services through them.
  • Fast responses – By the instrumentality of free ads you can find within a week the perfect employee or buyer.


  • Limited space – Since space is limited you must mention where the reader can find out more details about your items and services.
  • Disappearance of the post – Usually a page has a lot of competitive offers in a particular section. Therefore there is a probability for your classified ad to get lost among the rest.
  • Location – It's all about the location of your posts. A great location will grab attention of the people and vice versa.

This is the whole picture of free ads. Analyze carefully their advantages and disadvantages and start acting even if you do not have any advertising money!


Source by Mary Norris

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