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To examine factors associated with a current HIV test in the past 3 months, in the past 5 years and in general practice. In a cross-sectional postal survey of 9,655 young people aged 13-25 years living in New South Wales, Australia. Almost 90% of respondents had been tested for HIV in the past 3 months. However, only 16% of young people had been tested in the past 3 years. In general practice, testing rates were higher compared with other settings for each time frame: 27% were tested in the past 3 months and 20% in the past 3 years, and 39% were tested in the past 5 years. Factors positively associated with current testing in the past 3 months included age 13-17 years, living in regional or remote areas, regular contact with a GP, having a GP who knew them well, being unsure or not knowing their HIV status, knowing someone living with HIV, knowing someone who has died of AIDS and having a close friend or family member who has tested for HIV. More men than women were tested for HIV in the past 3 months (adjusted OR 1.55, 95%CI 1.19-1.98). However, only 11% of men and 8% of women reported testing in the past 3 years. Factors associated with higher testing in the past 5 years were being male, being able to see a GP in general practice (compared with a doctor in a hospital or other practice), knowing someone living with HIV and being unsure or not knowing their HIV status. Low testing rates in the past 3 years highlight the need for strategies to encourage testing in this population. More efforts should be made to encourage testing in general practice.# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
# or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
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