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Drawing and illustration tools that use curves are also powerful tools for editing photographs. You’ll find tools that enable you to draw and paint similar to those used in traditional art mediums. You can also use the selections, filters, and adjustment layers in Photoshop to produce stunning new images.

In this chapter, you discover how to edit photographs using the common tasks that are part of a professional’s craft. Keep in mind, however, that not all photographs need to be edited. If you want to use it as a vehicle for creating your own images, Photoshop is an excellent tool for you.

You may find that one task is so easy in Photoshop that it’s a snap to do. But most things take a little practice.

Navigating Photoshop’s Workspaces

When you open Photoshop, you see the toolbars at the top of your screen and the tools that are available for use on your image at the bottom. The toolbars are divided into four main sections:

Image Editing: The standard editing tools available when you first open Photoshop, including the tools that apply brightness and contrast, color, and sharpening adjustments.

Tool Palettes: The area where you set your current settings, including brush size and color, black and white, and so on.

Layers: The place where you work on your image, using the various layers found in Photoshop.

History: The place where you store your recent editing efforts.

In the following sections, we take you on a tour of the basics of each of the four areas, including a quick introduction to the workspace.

Image Editing

Use the following list to refer to the images throughout this chapter: `1003.jpg`, `1018.jpg`, `1044.jpg`, `1047.jpg`, `1069.jpg`, and `1075.jpg`.

The Tools palette

The tools for image editing, which include the standard tools found in any image editing program, are found in the top area of the Tool Palette. To access them, follow these steps:

1. Click the toolbox button in the top-left corner of the Photoshop window.

2. Choose Edit⇒Select, or press Alt+A, which opens the Select menu and jumps to the Toolbox.

3. Type the desired tool from the selection and press Enter or click the tool on the Toolbox.

For example, in Figure 10-1,

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Activation Key Download

We will be using Photoshop CS4, but all tutorials will work just as well in Photoshop Elements.

If you need to know how to work in Photoshop CS4, please see our guide on using Photoshop CS4 for beginners.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to use Photoshop to edit, manipulate and enhance your own images. We will do some quick editing to get a sense for working with Photoshop and then move on to retouching and finally enhance some images. We will also demonstrate some useful features of Photoshop. We will go over the interface and pick up some basic knowledge of working in Photoshop.

Before we get to Photoshop, let’s have a look at some images that you can work with.

Download your images

Our aim is to teach you how to work in Photoshop, not just give you a free Photoshop tutorial. This means that we will edit the following images so they look more like the following.

You can download your images (original and finished) from our XCF files.

In the next tutorial, we will be using the same images so make sure you have everything downloaded and ready to go!

Plug-ins you might want to use in Photoshop

We will be using the following plugins during this tutorial.

Creative Brushes

Creative Brushes are Photoshop brushes that look like real brushes. You can download them for free.

You can create your own by painting on canvas then duplicating it. Do you have any experience with painting in Photoshop? If not, there are good online tutorials that will teach you how to paint in Photoshop. Here is an example of how to paint a perfect red rose in Photoshop.


The online-only brushes can be found here.

Develop And Contrast

Develop And Contrast uses clipping masks to pull and push colors. You can download it here. It is not a plug-in but you will need it because of the differences in color levels between the original image and finished image. To pull colors, just add a soft brush and paint with a light touch on the areas that need to be enhanced. The contrast tool looks like this in Photoshop CS4.

It is a nice way to quickly pull color out of an image. I will go over clipping masks later in this tutorial, but to see a larger version of the contrast tool, click on this image.

You can easily use the contrast tool in Photoshop

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“I was already very pleased with the path we were going with and it’s always nice to see — especially for a property this size — that you have a really strong collector base,” said Larry Epstein, managing director of New York City-based commercial real estate investment trust Shisha Real Estate. “For us, that just means that we have a lot of support and a lot of excitement for this property.”

Selling off property for an excellent price “is a little bit easier,” Epstein said. “It’s a lot of due diligence and work for sure. But the deal is doing well and you’re not focused on the negative aspects as much.

“Of course, we are looking at the larger issues,” he added. “We are very confident that at the end of the day, we will have a great result.”

Among the most recent buyers of the 39,000-square-foot, three-story development are Adelman, Gendler & Towbin LLP, a business law firm known for representing Fortune 500 companies, the federal government, nonprofit organizations and individuals.

Situated in the former R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. building at the corner of W. 36th and Michigan avenues, the property has high-end amenities, such as European-style lighting and custom hardwood floors. The building also contains a gym and a business lounge.

“This is a very professional firm,” said Epstein, noting the agency’s “very strategic” use of the property. “They like to be in places that they can be near their client base.”

Sean Grundy, managing director of Detroit-based Grundy Commercial and senior leasing agent for the property, said the law firm’s presence at the property helps to drive the rent.

“They bring a lot of activity,” he said, adding that the firm brings in clients from across the region to the property.

“They want a professional, modern building that has the amenities we provide,” he said.

In addition to his firm’s leasing office, Grundy said the firm also is the exclusive leasing and marketing office for the property.

A distinct feature of the 30-year-old building is the outdoor patio, which is perfect for patio parties.

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Wynne Casterton

Wynne Casterton is a female vocalist, singer and musician who originally sang folk music.

Her compositions include “Down To The River” (1996), “The Only Way” (2004), “Somebody Like You” (2004), “Lay My Hands” (2005) and “Can You See” (2009).

In 2004 she won the British Home Entertainment New Talent Award.

Her songs have been performed by Flanders and Swann, The Waterboys, and The Chieftains.


External links
Wynn Casterton’s website

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How to make a global variable empty in C# MVC?

I want to make global variable value empty to use it everywhere. I don’t want to make it globally.
I have a model class named as Student and a Controller named as Test.
public ActionResult TestStudent()
var model = new Student();

var list = new List { model };
ViewBag.GlobalInfo = list;

return View(list);

Test View

foreach(var student in ViewBag.GlobalInfo)


How can I make this foreach function empty before run?
I want to use ViewBag.GlobalInfo to fill my view from controller.


You should probably refactor some code to store the model on the view instead of storing a list in a viewbag.
In your action, just initialize a new model, populate it, and pass it as a parameter to the view:
public ActionResult TestStudent()
var model = new Student();
model.Age = 42;
var list = new List { model };
return View(list);

In your view, just access the Age property on the Model object and display the value.
@model IList

System Requirements:

Wii U:
OS X: 10.9
10.9 Linux: 10.9
10.9 Windows: XP SP2 or later
Internet connection
Steps to install Vengar in your system:
Install Steam and copy the files to your system. Launch Steam, login to your account and copy the “Tools” directory into your “Documents” folder. Right click on the “Tools” folder and then select “compress.” This