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How to force Visual Studio to recompile a dll after renaming a source file

I have developed a project in Visual Studio 2015.
I have renamed a source file and I get the following message:

I have manually edited the source code so that it respects the following rule:
if (constexpr bool foo = true) { }

The issue is that it seems that Visual Studio doesn’t recompile the dll if I rename a source file.
Is there a way to force Visual Studio to recompile the dll?


It is not the source files that can be renamed, but the projects. You probably have a solution and a project in it. The projects can be renamed. However, as the project file is included in the solution, renaming the solution also renames the project file.
There is a solution to this. You can add another project, but as the namespaces of the source files are identical, then you have to rename the main and test projects. You can then either

rename the source files in the solution
rename the project file (not the solution file)

There are a couple of ways to do this. One is to use “Add->Existing Project”, then change the “Add as Link” to “Project Dependency”. Then, you get a new Solution and Project file, with the project file being used. Renaming the solution is just another

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