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With Adobe Acrwin v. 8.50, ACR DNG Conversion has been updated to release a new v. build. You can download this new version by clicking on the below links:

Tutorial: How to download and open BMP files in ACR
BMP file is one of the important digital image file formats that has been optimized for both Windows and Mac operating systems. In an earlier post, we saw how to open BMP files in Adobe DNG Converter. But where to find BMP files available on the web?
To find out more about BMP files, we will now look at how you can download and open BMP files with Adobe Acrwin.
First of all, download Adobe Acrwin from this link and install it in your computer as mentioned in the earlier posts.
When you open the software, a new dialog box will open as shown in the following snapshot.

In the left side panel of the software, you can see two folders. These are:


Plugins is the folder where we have all our third party plug-ins. Let’s open this folder and let’s see which plugins we have.

You will see a list of plugins in the order in which they were installed. There are five plugins available in the folder. They are:

LwBMP.dll – A plugin which helps to open.BMP files.

LrPNG.dll – A plugin which helps to open.PNG files.

LibPNG.dll – A plugin which helps to open.PNG files.

PngPlus.dll – A plugin which helps to open.PNG files.

DngUtil.dll – A plugin which helps to open.DNG files.

After selecting the tool you want, let’s open a BMP file. For this purpose, go to the File menu and select Open Image.

All BMP files are opened in the default thumbnail view as seen in the following snapshot.

Note: If you see that the files are open in the thumbnail view, then you should select one of the files and use the Open Image as a tool for opening the respective files.
If you select a picture and then click on the Open button, it will open the image in another image view as seen in the following snapshot:

Now, let’s select one of

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