Published: April 15, 2021

Author: Rob Murray

When David Rodnitzky founded 3Q in 2008, he built an agency on a strong cultural foundation — one that truly cares about client success, gives its employees incredible opportunities, and simply tries to make a positive impact on everyone — in everything we do.

Guided by the “3Q Way,” as outlined in David’s 2014 “3Q Culture Manifesto,” the agency has grown to become the largest independent growth marketing agency with nearly 400 team members spanning search, paid media, SEO, creative, data intelligence, and more. While the promise, mission, core values, and focus David outlined in his original manifesto remain central to 3Q Digital and our success, I am honored that as CEO it is now my responsibility to ensure we stay true to our founding roots, while leading our team, clients, and the industry through the next phase of growth.

The best companies never stand still — they keep moving and evolving. They get comfortable with the uncomfortable. As Billy Beane famously said in the movie Moneyball, “they adapt or die.” And that’s just what we are doing at 3Q.

Over the last 12+ months, we have spent time examining our business — from our services and methodology to our mission, values, and focus — in the context of today’s new normal. We’ve transformed our leadership team, expanded our offerings, and implemented new technologies to automate and scale efficient growth for our clients. We have also looked in the…

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