A Technical

Episode Overview: Despite the growing importance of the role content plays in SEO, excellent content alone isn’t enough to master SEO. Join host Ben as he speaks with hip-hop artist turned master SEO Mike King of iPullRank to talk about the ways you can master SEO outside of just putting words on the page.


  • When performing a technical audit, the first thing to do is understand what your CMS’ limitations are and then limit recommendations or your auditing to what you can actually control.
  • WordPress is an excellent CMS that works for most industries and products (B2B, Saas), and several security platforms exist that make WordPress highly secure.
  • Keyword research remains integral as you review SERPs to identify what Google is presenting with certain queries and the questions surrounding certain queries. Identifying these elements can help you structure your page to match current trends and accomplish business goals.


Ben:                  Welcome to the Voices of Search podcast. I’m your host, Benjamin Shapiro. And today we’re going to talk about why content alone isn’t enough to master SEO.

Ben:                  Joining us today is Mike King, who is a hip hop recording artist turned SEO and the founder and managing director of iPullRank, which is a digital media marketing studio that produces great results for their clients through a strategy first approach to content marketing, analytics, social media, search…

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