A review of the most unusual year for search

30-second summary:

  • Google launched over 4,000 search improvements and new features throughout 2020.
  • Baidu continued to crack down on poor quality sites with its 2020 updates its StrongWind algorithm was introduced to control aggregator content from malicious sites.
  • Bing attempted to build on its approximately 2.8% global search engine market share by adding a Bing app to Xbox.
  • Throughout the year, DuckDuckGo added a number of new features and made updates designed to improve the user experience while protecting privacy.
  • GIPHY now serves more than 7 billion GIFs per day and is seen by more than 500 million daily optimizing GIFs is a great way for SEO to drive awareness and keep people engaged with your website page(s).
  • Throughout 2020 Yandex continued to add more human elements into its search engine.
  • 2020 was a year where search took central stage in digital marketing.
  • Consumer behavior is still set to continue to be volatile in 2021.
  • A list of key SEO trends to watch in 2021 – new channels for visual and image search opportunities, international SEO will rise once again, combining PPC and SEO, utilizing Marketing technology, and more.

Many an SEO will be huddled around the television or computer screen this year for New Year celebrations, muttering, “Don’t let the door hit you,” as we bid 2020 goodbye. Despite the release of several vaccinations worldwide, we still find ourselves firmly…

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