In marketing, change is a constant, and rightfully so. The strategies and tactics you leveraged yesterday might not apply today. Customer expectations are ever-changing; they long for better opportunities and outcomes. How you respond to their needs will significantly improve your chance of delivering the exact experience they are seeking, which can in turn drive loyalty and improve your bottom line.

Achieving this marketing utopia will require a methodology and a pliable approach.

One such solution, from my perspective, is inbound marketing. As the president and CEO of a growth marketing agency specializing in this form of marketing, I’ve found it to be extremely beneficial for my clients. Inbound marketing is a technique to attract customers by creating valuable experiences through authentic and educational content.

With inbound marketing, you’re not pushing a product or service; rather, you’re helping to solve a conflict with information and tools that are valuable to the customer. You’re establishing your business’s brand personality and credibility, as well as showcasing your support for the individual. You’re not just trying to sell them on a solution.

Understanding Inbound Marketing

I’ve learned that in order to flourish with this technique, you must understand the buyer’s journey first and foremost. The buyer’s journey refers to the exploration or research process a buyer goes through leading up to a purchase. This path is made up of three stages:


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