A Newbie Guide For Checking And Analyzing Website Traffic Statistics
If you feel like you can already answer this question, most likely, you mislead yourself. Your offline competitors aren’t always the ones you compete with online.

How to understand who you are competing with on the web? Go to Google and search various keywords related to your business one by one. This will show you the general picture of the websites that comprise your business niche.

Still, this approach is quite time- and effort-consuming. Therefore, you can try special online services that can fully automate the search and analysis of competitors, such as Serpstat.

Choose several competitors that seem to be the most relevant. It’s not recommended to include too many web resources in the analysis. The thing is that each of them may use a different approach and still get top results. If you are a newbie, the more competitors you analyze, the more likely you are to get confused and choose the wrong method.

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