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In March 2018, we revived our YouTube channel and grew it from 14k subscribers to over 180k subscribers. 

ahrefs youtube subs

We did this by following a list of proven strategies that helped us get more subscribers to our YouTube channel.

In this post, I’ll share those strategies with you. 

  1. Target topics that people are searching for
  2. Keep your channel’s theme tight
  3. Give people what they’re looking for
  4. Double down on formats that work
  5. Publish on a consistent schedule
  6. Add your videos to a playlist
  7. Link to your YouTube channel from external sources
  8. Use YouTube’s interactive features
  9. Ask your viewers to subscribe


1. Target topics that people are searching for

If no one is watching your videos in the first place, then no one will subscribe. Views are a prerequisite to getting subscribers. 

How can you get more views on your YouTube videos?

Create videos about the topics that people are searching for and rank in YouTube search.

How do you find these topics?

Use our free YouTube Keyword tool. Just enter any topic, and it’ll show you up to 150 keywords and their estimated monthly search volumes. 

youtube keyword tool bbq

Looking for a larger pool of ideas?

Use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer to pull all ideas from our database of over 800 million YouTube keywords.

1 keywords explorer

Once that’s done, you need to create an optimized video that’ll rank in YouTube search results. Follow this tutorial to learn how to create it, or watch this video:


If we assume…

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