Blog post titles are hard. You need to communicate a lot of information and capture the attention—and the clicks—of your audience, and you only have so many characters to do it.

That’s why I’m sharing nine tips for stronger blog post titles here:

  1. Avoid words that sound like spam
  2. Check the SERP for numbers
  3. Remember your keyword
  4. Follow a “how to” formula
  5. Add brackets
  6. Use the first person
  7. Include your audience
  8. Stress speed
  9. Make the value clear

First, let’s cover why it’s important to spend the extra time getting these tricky titles right in the first place.

Why should you spend extra time on your blog post titles?

Your blog post titles deserve extra attention because they’re often the first thing your potential reader sees. This is especially true on the Google SERP, where your title has a huge impact on your click-through rate and, because of this, your organic traffic.

Now, it might seem like a lot of effort to devote to what’s often the first or last 60 characters of your content. But with the potential to boost CTR and organic traffic, your blog posts titles are worth the extra time.

In fact, according to an Orbit Media study, bloggers who spend time drafting and workshopping their titles see better results.

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