Cross-functional collaboration allows us to assemble high-performance teams with the expertise necessary to deliver the best possible outcomes, whether that’s a new product, operational solution, better customer service, or increased revenue.

depiction of cross functional team

But for all its benefits, cross-functional teams face many challenges that can hurt their progress toward team and company goals. That’s why we’ve written this guide to successful cross-functional collaboration. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What cross-functional collaboration looks like.
  • The benefits of cross-functional collaboration.
  • Common challenges faced by collaborative teams.
  • Tips to build high-performing cross-functional teams in your workplace.

What does cross-functional collaboration look like?

In their most basic form, cross-functional teams bring together different skill sets to achieve a desired outcome. Depending on the company’s size and offerings, the definition of a cross-functional team and the desired outcome varies.

This may mean:

As you can see, cross-functional teams can be any size and the desired…

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