It’s no secret that our friends over at Google like to tweak their search algorithm. And although this model of constant improvement is certainly cause for celebration among everyday users, it can give SEOs and copywriters a fair bit of anxiety. After all, if the rules of the game are constantly changing, how are you supposed to put together a winning strategy?

Ranking well on Google is pretty powerful. Via SparkToro.

Here’s the good news: The fundamental rules of SEO copywriting are here to stay. Don’t get me wrong—learning to adapt is definitely a valuable skill. But as important as flexibility is, you can rest (somewhat) easy knowing that some things in the SEO copywriting world never change.

Let’s get into it. Throughout this post, I’ll share a few examples of good work being done by folks around the marketing community. Without further ado, here are nine essential SEO copywriting rules to help you flourish in the year 2020:

  1. Understand (and match) keyword intent
  2. Get to the point
  3. Refrain from keyword stuffing
  4. Speak your audience’s language
  5. Shoot for the featured snippet
  6. Think hard about your headline
  7. Optimize your meta tags
  8. Target ancillary keywords
  9. Don’t forget about voice search

1. Understand (and match) keyword intent

For the most part, this list of SEO copywriting rules is assembled in no particular order—I don’t necessarily think rule #4 is more important than rule #8. That being said, I’m kicking things off with…

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