While you may have lots of ideas for running high-converting promotions, making changes to your online store to implement said promotions can be time-consuming and tricky depending on your shop setup.

Lucky, you can quickly and easily create targeted popup promotions that spur sales directly, or nurture relationships with prospects until they’re eager and ready to buy, increasing your sales and order values.

Let’s take a look at nine powerful popup ideas that you can get up and running today to boost your business’s bottom line. But first…

What Makes an Effective Popup Promotion?

(“Show me the money—err, examples!”)

Not all popups are created equal. (We’re not the first to point this out—a recent study revealed that popups triggered in context convert 40% better than popups without.)

To create truly contextual popups, you should keep these three principles in mind:

  • Be targeted. Target your popup to appear based on who your prospects are, where they are, and what they’re doing. This will help your message appear for and appeal to the right people, like visitors on a specific page, in a specific location, or from a specific referral source.
  • Be generous. One of the best ways to get your prospects to take action is to make them an offer they can’t refuse. (Cue The Godfather theme.) For example, you can sweeten your popup promotion with a discount, free shipping, or even the opportunity to subscribe for relevant, valuable content.
  • Be friendly. When you’re…

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