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Ever wondered why you are not getting positive results even after so much hard work? Terrible and outdated SEO techniques are still there and being used despite the technological evolution. Even worse, they keep on affecting search rankings, web pages, conversions, and traffic as website owners really don’t know whether they will work.

We have discussed some of the most common and worst don’ts of SEO as well as the best alternatives and solutions to get the best results for your SEO services.

Google is the most widely used platform by over 60% of users who rely on search engines before making any decision. There are some right practices to keep you ahead of the competition. Here are some of the bad SEO tactics that should be abandoned by now.


  1. Keyword Stuffing and Forcing

Gone are the days when webmasters used to target the same keyword several times in the content. If you are still doing the same, you are missing out on what semantic search can offer by focusing on the topic instead of repeated keywords. Forcing too many keywords can also be negative to your rankings.

This way, you can naturally place the focus keyword and its synonyms in a piece of content. To find synonyms, simply type your target keyword on the search bar and scroll down to the search results. These synonyms make great keyword options for your blog.


  1. Creating too short content

We all love things to be completed in a short and sweet manner. But long-form content has its…

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