Just as real estate agents need to learn about each individual client to find ‘em the perfect property, real estate marketing requires offering up the right digital content to viable leads online.

Sure, that might sound like a tall order—especially when you don’t know exactly who is visiting your website or browsing your listings.

But that’s the beauty of landing pages. By creating targeted real estate landing pages for specific audiences, you can present the right message to the right people at exactly the right time.

When someone clicks on your ad—whether it’s for a real estate listing, platform, or service—they’re telling you that they’re interested in your offer. (Why would they click if they weren’t?) All you need to do next is show ‘em more of the same with a dedicated real estate landing page.

Wanna get straight to the examples? We get it—let’s cut to the chase. Jump down to the first one and find a little inspiration for your next real estate landing page.

What’s a Real Estate Landing Page?

A real estate landing page is a dedicated web page built around one specific conversion goal. A landing page is separate from the rest of your website and leads can only access it by clicking on an ad or email link.

Whether you’re looking to drum up leads, build your mailing list, or schedule bookings, real estate landing pages are the best place to send someone who clicks on your ad. “Why’s that, Unbounce?” Well, because unlike your website or a…

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