We’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover—but what about its landing page?

When we click a link or ad for any type of downloadable content, it’s the landing page that helps us decide what to do next. Ideally, the choice is clear: fill out the form and get the goods!

But what if it’s not so clear? What if poor messaging and confusing design get in the way? Maybe you click away or go read some other ebook instead.

Now, let’s flip to the marketers’ perspective. Let’s imagine that you’ve just published a shiny new ebook. You’ve poured countless hours and resources into this thing. All that research, planning, writing, designing, and revising has finally paid off. You set up a targeted campaign to bring people to your ebook download page, and traffic is trickling in. 

Obviously, this is a big moment. Not only will this ebook help establish your expertise, but it’ll also bring in revenue and grow your mailing list (hellooo, self-vetted prospects). But before you can wow your readers, you need to get them to click “download.”

The hard truth is that getting people to download your ebook can be tricky, even when it’s free.

If you send visitors to a generic web page or fail to communicate the value of downloading, then all of your efforts might be wasted. But the good news is that by improving your landing page, you can encourage more downloads—and, ultimately, generate more leads. 

Below, we’ll dig into some examples of ebook landing pages done…

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