The only thing better than the energy of a live event? The excitement you feel before you go.

As an event marketer, your job is to inspire that feeling in potential attendees—and then turn it into action (e.g., ticket sales and registrations). 

Whether you’re promoting a conference, show, activity, or even a webinar, the rules are the same: if you can create a certain level of antici—wait for it—pation for an upcoming event, you’re golden. 

While building excitement for future events easier said than done, building an awesome event landing page can help you do just that. With the right message and conversion-focused call to action (CTA), your event landing page can take visitors from “That looks kinda neat” to “I can’t miss out on this!”

Why do you need event landing pages?

Maybe you’re still wondering, “Should I bother with event landing pages?” The short answer is yes, yes you should (and with the right landing page templates, it’s no bother at all).

Here’s why: Event landing pages are the best way to drive ticket sales and registrations.

There are two main types of event landing pages: 

  1. Event registration landing pages that get visitors to sign up for an event. For free events, registration pages are designed to drive signups and reservations; for paid events, these pages are designed to sell tickets.
  2. Lead gen landing pages where visitors can ask to receive more details. These pages are designed to build interest and capture contact information…

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