8 Brands Doing Content Marketing Well During COVID-19

In a global pandemic, creating brand content is not on the list of priority for most brands. Brands will now reconsider the expectations of their customers and align marketing strategies with customer empathy.

Content Marketing has grown from just blog posts and editorial techniques. It’s a systematic approach that depends on a wide variety of tools to continue communicating with customers.

Coronavirus has created a whole new environment for marketers. It has highlighted the importance of depending on building strategies and not on just traditional channels of marketing. 

During this outbreak, the goal of marketing for most brands is to invest in experiential and content marketing approaches delivered across online platforms.

During the coronavirus pandemic, content creation has become an efficient way for brands to keep in touch with the customers. This is how brands build themselves in the long term. 

Here are a few examples of brands which have improved their content marketing during the Covid-19 crisis.


To thank front-line workers, Walmart created employee-generated content on their Facebook page.

This is not always groundbreaking. Perhaps that is because Walmart is one of the world’s largest businesses. 

They could have taken a whole host of approaches. Still, the decision on the Walmart Facebook page to feature employee-generated content was a significant one. Their recent ad also featured many employee-generated snippets.

Behr Paint and West Elm


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