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A small business credit card can offer more than just a way to pay for everyday purchases. Lots of business owners use these cards as an alternative way to secure financing if they don’t qualify for a small business loan.

That’s because business credit cards usually have higher spending limits compared to traditional consumer credit cards.

In many instances, you don’t even need a formal business structure to apply for a small business credit card. If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur without a registered LLC, you can still apply for cards using your social security number as opposed to a tax ID or EIN.

The best business credit cards offer exceptional rewards, from cash back to airline miles and other money-saving benefits.

This guide is perfect for anyone interested in a small business credit card. I’ll show you the top options and explain how to find the best business credit card for your situation.

Top 8 Best Business Credit Cards for 2020

There are hundreds of business credit cards on the market today. It seems like they all claim to be “the best” for something. But with that said, there are only eight business credit cards that I would confidently recommend.

I’ll highlight the top features, benefits, costs, and any other considerations for each one below.

The Best Business Credit Card Reviews

Chase Ink Business Cash

Chase Ink Business Cash

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