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Like most organizations, we’ve spent the better part of two months getting our bearings as the COVID-19 pandemic unfurls.

As an industry, we’ve gotten to the point of saturation, memes, and cliches: in these uncertain times; now, more than ever; we’re all in it together. And in a very real way, we’re facing the same marketing dilemma as every other brand right now: we can’t be flip because people are losing their lives and livelihoods, but we also can’t blend into the crowd if we’re going to provide any value to our clients and the digital marketing community.

In all of our numbers-crunching and discussions of empathy, we’ve uncovered truths that span verticals and industries, whether you’re trending up, down, or flat. They’re buried in one guide or another, spread out in different blog posts. But they’re all true for all of us. 

You may be following all of these truths already – hopefully you are. Yet from what we’ve seen from the marketing landscape, just about everyone needs a sanity check. Let’s dive in.

Truth #1: Big Retargeting Windows Are Useless

If you’re using 90-day or even 45-day retargeting windows anywhere in your campaigns, stop. The odds are pretty long that your users’ needs, challenges, and budgets are the same now as they were in even early March, let alone the end of January. 

Truth #2: Long-Term Creative Testing Has No Legs

It’s true that nobody…

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