7 Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Business to Meet Your Newest Demands

Statistics from eMarketer project that ecommerce sales in the United States will exceed $1 trillion by 2024, representing 18.1 percent of total retail sales in the country by that time.

Perhaps you’ve noticed an uptick in your business too, or you anticipate one happening soon.

Here are seven tips for ensuring you’ll continue to keep customers happy as your online business scales up:

Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Business As Demands Increase

1. Investigate How to Accelerate the Checkout Process.

Many shoppers become frustrated if ecommerce stores require them to enter details repeatedly.

As people type information like their address and telephone number, the likelihood goes up that they may make mistakes that ultimately slow down the order fulfillment process and cause hassles for your company and shipping partners.

One possibility is to invite people to create accounts at your site. Emphasize how doing that saves time for them and could help them choose the products they want faster.

For example, a registered user might frequently buy a certain kind of cat food from a pet website. Their account could allow clicking a reorder button rather than going through the process of finding the item, adding it to a cart, and checking out.

Other companies want to take things even further. Fast — a San Francisco startup that recently completed a $20 million Series A round — uses tokenization technology to bring a one-click checkout option to ecommerce sites across the…

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