7 SEO Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Website Authority Score

Everyone wants to create a website that has a unique brand identity.

But after its creation, it’s common to face the challenge of ranking that website on Google.

Many people make SEO mistakes that hurt their website authority score and limit their ability to rank.

That’s why in today’s article I’ll discuss 7 SEO mistakes that could hurt your website authority score.

that said, let’s start!

#1. Not choosing the right keywords

The first mistake which many people make in their SEO strategy is not choosing the right keywords to target.

To choose a keyword you’ll need to understand your target audience. Find out what they are typing in that search box and then target those keywords.

While determining the
keywords you need to target, you can use the following process.

  1. Identify your keyword
  2. Check the competition
  3. Recheck the keyword

If you’ve found your desired keyword to target, then you can use some LSI keywords too. LSI keywords help your content rank in the search even faster.

LSI keywords can be
found at the bottom of a Google results page as suggestions.

SEO mistakes not choosing the right keyword

#2. Keyword stuffing your website

Keywords are undoubtedly valuable for your website. But over-using keywords fetches a negative outcome. Keyword stuffing by no means brings good results for your website.

Keyword stuffing means inputting as many keywords as you can at the cost of the quality of the content.

SEO mistakes keywords stuffing your website

As you can see in the example, the over-abundance of keywords can make your article look annoying. It also hurts…

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