As a website owner, there are going to be some major decisions you will have to make throughout the life of your website. What shall your domain be? How will you monetize the website? What is the content going to be about? Another question that can be often overlooked is in regards to what type of hosting should you have for your website, and who should you choose?

There is no one answer for all to these questions, simply because every website is different, with a whole range of varying requirements.


How much traffic does your website receive?

The type of hosting should depend on how much traffic currently comes to your website, as well as future-proofing it for the future.

  • For low traffic websites (tens of thousands of visitors a month), shared hosting is the most sensible solution.
  • For mid traffic websites (hundreds of thousands of visitors a month), shared or dedicated can be considered, depending on a range of factors:
    • Do you get consistent traffic, or does it come in spikes? Dedicated hosting tends to serve better for websites with inconsistent traffic. This is because shared hosting, when the shared server cannot handle anymore requests or traffic, will bounce visitors to different shared IP addresses to compensate – this can impact the loading speed of your website when this happens.
  • For large traffic websites (millions of visitors a month), dedicated hosting is the sensible solution.

As briefly mentioned above, shared hosting is when your website…

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