why hate link building

Dear Reader: for entertainment purposes, I left all nuance at the door – so get ready to huff and puff your way through this. Also, the main focus here is link building, not earning.

Everyone hates link building.

You know why?

I asked some of my pals, and here’s what they said:

link building outreach to journalists

And so on.

But this all points to the main reason:

Link builders make connections with editors and journalists to get something out of it.


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And they want to do this with the least effort and minimal interaction.

I could make an analogy of hitting up hotties at the club, but I think you get the picture: it’s a pretty messed up way to start any conversation.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, but that it underlies a lot of the issues we have with link building.

The Receiver’s Perspective

The ones at the receiving end of link building outreach hate it because they know the sender is only out to get that linky link.

Nobody just “stumbled on your article.”

They didn’t “love your blog.”

They probably didn’t even look at your stuff.

It feels disingenuous and condescending.

The Outreacher’s Perspective

And for outreachers themselves, they’re at the mercy of editors instead of playing godlike engineers in their cozy on-site SEO bubble.

So they scaled up and automatized the whole thing, resulting in untargeted, generic spam.

At its worst, link building can be an endless cycle of annoyance and contempt.


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Fortunately, this is not always the…

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